University of Alberta Programs, Courses and Fees

University of Alberta Admission

University of Alberta Programs, Courses and Fees: When applying for an exchange program at the University of Alberta, prospective students must provide a list of courses they intend to take as part of their exchange application. This process involves the use of a Bear Tracks guest login, a dedicated online portal designed to facilitate course exploration and selection.

1. Application stage:

During the application stage, students are expected to prepare a list of courses they wish to enroll in during their exchange program. This list serves as an important component of the application and is submitted along with other required documents.

2. Bear Tracks Guest Login:

Upon acceptance into the exchange program, students gain access to Bear Tracks, the university’s online student services system. Here you can explore available courses, review course descriptions, and plan your academic path at the University of Alberta.

3. Course selection:

Using Bear Tracks, students can choose which courses they want to enroll in based on their academic interests and program requirements. The system provides detailed information about course schedules, instructors, and prerequisites, allowing students to make informed decisions.

4. Help with registration:

While students are responsible for registering for their chosen courses, the University provides assistance and guidance should any difficulties arise during the registration process. University staff are available to provide support and advice to ensure a smooth course registration experience.

5. Create your own course schedule:

With access to Bear Tracks, students have the flexibility to create their own course schedule based on their preferences and academic goals. They can choose from a wide range of courses offered by the University of Alberta and customize their exchange experience to match their interests.

University of Alberta Programs, Courses and Fees

University of Alberta Programs, Courses and Fees
University of Alberta Programs, Courses and Fees
  1. Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences
  2. Alberta School of Business
  3. Arts
  4. Campus Saint-Jean
  5. Education
  6. Engineering
  7. Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
  8. Law
  9. Medicine & Dentistry
  10. Native Studies
  11. Nursing
  12. Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  13. Public Health
  14. Rehabilitation Medicine
  15. Science

By allowing exchange students to actively participate in the course selection and registration process, the University of Alberta promotes a student-centered approach to learning. Through Bear Tracks, students can navigate their academic journey, ensuring their exchange experience is rich, engaging, and aligned with their educational aspirations.


In a recent development, the University of Alberta Board of Governors approved a 5.5% tuition increase for the upcoming 2023/24 academic year. This increase will affect the following categories of students:

Local Graduate Students:

The tuition increase for domestic graduate students will be 5.5%. However, students approved for thesis before 2020 will receive a discount, effectively reducing the tuition increase to 2.67%.

International graduate students (admitted before 2020):

International graduate students admitted before 2020 will also see a 5.5% tuition increase. Like domestic students, international thesis students admitted before 2020 will receive a discount, limiting the tuition increase to 2.67%.

This decision, made by the Board of Regents, reflects the University’s efforts to balance financial considerations while continuing to provide high-quality educational and support services to its diverse student body. It is important that students, both domestic and international, are aware of these changes and plan their finances accordingly for the upcoming academic year.

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