University in South Africa (UNISA) Courses and Requirements

UNISA Courses and Requirements

University in South Africa (UNISA) Courses and Requirements: Unisa recognizes the importance of prior formal education and may recognize prior learning on a case-by-case basis. It is important to note that not all credits obtained at other institutions will automatically count towards Unisa grades. Your exemption request will be carefully evaluated.

To begin the process, you must submit a completed DSAR04 form online. Additionally, be sure to submit a certified copy of your official transcript, certificate of conduct, and, in some cases, the curriculum from the institution where you previously studied in University in South Africa (UNISA) Courses and Requirements.

For international qualifications, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) assessment needs to be included alongside the study programme.

University in South Africa (UNISA) Courses and Requirements Together, these documents provide Unisa with essential information to assess your previous education and determine the applicability of your credits to your desired qualifications.

University in South Africa (UNISA) Courses and Requirements

Please note that your waiver request (University in South Africa (UNISA) Courses and Requirements) will only be considered after all necessary documentation has been received and thoroughly reviewed. Unisa is committed to ensuring a fair and transparent assessment process, and we appreciate your cooperation in providing accurate and complete information to facilitate this assessment.

University in South Africa (UNISA) Courses and Requirements If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our admissions office for assistance.

University of South Africa Admission Requirements Before Applying

Applicants wishing to apply to start a new qualification at UNISA must upload all required supporting documents below:

  • A copy of your ID (RSA applicants) and passport (international applicants)
  • A copy of your school certificate, i.e. Higher Certificate/Higher National Certificate.
  • Provide a certified translation of the documents if they are not in English or Afrikaans.
  • A copy of the marriage certificate or divorce decree, if possible.
  • Your official academic record for higher studies is essential

University of South Africa (UNISA) Admission Requirements 2022-2023

When applying to the University of South Africa (UNISA) online, applicants must ensure that they meet the following admission requirements listed below. Before submitting your application, check if you meet the university’s legal and admission requirements. Make sure you qualify for the academic point score (APS) required for your chosen qualifications/University in South Africa (UNISA) Courses and Requirements.

  1. Graduate certification requires a minimum APS of 15
  2. Diploma with a minimum of APS 18.
  3. Bachelor’s degree with a minimum APS of 21 or higher

Higher Certificates

  • Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences (98201)
  • Higher Certificate in Animal Welfare (90098)
  • Higher Certificate in Archives and Records Management (98577)
  • Higher Certificate in Banking (98225)
  • Higher Certificate in Criminal Justice (90006)
  • Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Sciences (98237)
  • Higher Certificate in Education Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase (90093 – FIP)
  • Higher Certificate in Education Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Teaching (90093 – SPF)
  • Higher Certificate in Law (98751)
  • Higher Certificate in Life and Environmental Sciences (98366)
  • Higher Certificate in Marketing (98229)
  • Higher Certificate in Mathematics and Statistics (90129)
  • Higher Certificate in Physical Sciences (90101)
  • Higher Certificate in Retailing (90014)
  • Higher Certificate in Social Auxiliary Work Not Applicable (90011)
  • Higher Certificate in Supervisory Management (90015)
  • Higher Certificate in Tourism Management (98226)

Advanced Certificates

  • Advanced Certificate in Accounting Sciences (90017)
  • Advanced Certificate in Intermediate Phase Mathematics and English First Additional Language Teaching (90177)
University in South Africa (UNISA) Courses and Requirements
University in South Africa (UNISA) Courses and Requirements


  • Diploma in Accounting Sciences (98200)
  • Diploma in Administrative Management (98216)
  • Diploma in Agricultural Management (90097)
  • Diploma in Animal Health (98026 – AHE)
  • Diploma in Chemical Engineering (90130)
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering (90137)
  • Diploma in Corrections Management (98218)
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering (90138)
  • Diploma in Explosives Management (98222)
  • Diploma in Grade R Teaching (90173)
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management (98211)
  • Diploma in Industrial Engineering (90136)
  • Diploma in Information Technology (98806 – ITE)
  • Diploma in Law (98750)
  • Diploma in Local Government Finance (90083)
  • Diploma in Marketing Management (98202)
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (90132)
  • Diploma in Mining Engineering (90140)
  • Diploma in Nature Conservation (98024 – NCO)
  • Diploma in Operations Management (90183)
  • Diploma in Ornamental Horticulture (98025 – HOR)
  • Diploma in Policing (98220)
  • Diploma in Public Administration and Management (98203)
  • Diploma in Public Relations (90077)
  • Diploma in Pulp and Paper Technology (90141)
  • Diploma in Safety Management (90107)
  • Diploma in Security Management (98221)
  • Diploma in Small Business Management (90073)
  • Diploma in Tourism Management (98223)

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