How To Set A Video As Screen Saver In Windows 10 2023

In this post we share the best working method How To Set A Video As Screen Saver In Windows 10 and 4k video screensaver windows 10.

Yes, you can either directly set a video file as screensaver or create a screensaver from a video file of any format and then set it as the screensaver.

Following are the two ways to set a video as a screensaver in Windows 10:

  • Using Videos directly without creating a screensaver file.
  • Using Video file as screensaver after converting it to exe file.

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How To Set A Video As Screen Saver In Windows 10

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how to set screen saver in windows 10

Create screensaver from a video file

This is a long method compared to the second method as we create an actual screensaver. Here, the advantage is you can even distribute the video screensaver file among your friends and the new screensaver can be used on any Windows machine without using a third-party application.

In this guide, we have to use two free utilities if you don’t have video files in FLV format. You can use a free converter like SuperVideo, that allows you to convert any video files into FLV format. Once you have FLV format video, download and install another application called “InstantStorm.” InstantStorm utility creates Flash based screensavers with many advanced features. You can download it from here.

Install the downloaded InstantStorm installer file and start it up. Just input the file you want to use as Screensaver by clicking the browse button and navigating to your FLV file. It will give you an executable file, which when opened, becomes the video screensaver of your Windows machine.

Set video file as screensaver

This is the simplest method as you need not convert your video file into an executable file to use it as a screensaver. In this method, we use a small application named” Video Screensaver Maker” that allows us to use Video file as a screensaver.

To start with this method, we need to download Video Screensaver Maker software from here. Video Screensaver Maker plays AVI, MPEG, WMV video files as a screensaver with random video support. That is, you can select a set of Video files to play as a screensaver.

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